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Departments: Science
Team: Cimarron
Club Advisor: FIRST Lego League Robotics Challenge team and Science Olympiad team, these are competition teams and require families and students to travel to the competition locations. 
Best way to contact me is email, link is to the right under the photo.
Grades: The most reliable source for viewing your child's grade is Infinite Campus. although there may be some discrepancies between grades on Google Classroom and infinite campus, infinite campus is the most up-to-date and accurate. Grades are calculated according to a standard grading system, with assessments making up 50% of the grade and the other 50% being based on labs and assignments.
Curriculum: The curriculum that is taught in science is district wide and based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Eighth grade science is physical science, physics concepts and chemistry concepts. The major portion the school year will focus on physics and 4th quarter will be chemistry. 
Homework & Late work policy: Students must submit their assignments on time. If an assignment is not handed in on time, a 5% reduction will be applied each day it remains late. Depending on the situation, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Most of the work is done in the classroom, so only those students who have not completed it will need to finish it at home. Students will be given a sheet of late work passes, they will cut one out and attach it to the late assignment. A parent signature and the reason for the late submission must be written on the pass.
Absent work: All assignments are available on Google Classroom or in the absence box in the classroom. The missing assignment must be acquired by the student. The day of their absence, students should check Google Classroom to see what assignments they missed. They are given an additional day to complete any assignments missed for each day they are absent. If a student is unclear, they should email me for clarification or come talk to me in class or during advisory.
Assessments: Throughout the academic year, students will take a range of assessments. Many assessments, however, are application-based. Some will be conventional, like multiple-choice tests. The objective is for the student to use what they have learned in class to solve problems in novel situations that they were not exposed to in class. Since these exams can be difficult, students are permitted to use their lab book, which contains notes from lectures and instructions for labs, among other things. during in-class exams. There may be opportunities to raise a student's score on some tests. The upgrades will be scheduled for a specific time during class or advisory.
Chromebook Monitoring: Students who use Chromebooks in class can have their online activity tracked with GoGuardian. It will monitor and record the websites that the students visit and whether they are paying attention during the Chromebook lesson. Teachers can message students, view activity, and view what the students are doing in real time throughout the class.
Recommended Supplies: Please see the Teacherlists.com link to the right.
Rio Robotics Science Olympiad
Rio Robotics Team
Science Olympiad Team