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Healthy Choices Curriculum

District Curriculum Information
Every year in the spring, our 7th-grade students are presented with the state-mandated Healthy Choices, Relationships, and Lifestyles curriculum in their Science and Physical Education (PE) classes. In the Hart District, we believe in providing our parents with the opportunity to see what will be taught and how it will be presented. Those meetings passed on February 8th but an email was sent to all 7th grade Families through Parent Square by Mrs. Bennett on Friday, February 9th with follow-up information. Please reference that email for additional information.


The videos that are used in the Health Choices curriculum can be found here:

Video Clips for Healthy Choices Curriculum


The teachers and District staff that designed this curriculum were sensitive to our community and the age of our students, given the subject matter. Ultimately, this curriculum opens the door for conversations between you and your child, allowing you to guide them based on your family choices and beliefs. 

Dates of Instruction
3/26/24 & 3/27/24 - 1st day-  Lesson 1- Germs & Viruses & Lesson 2- HIV & AIDS
3/28/24 & 3/29/24 - 2nd  day- Lesson 3- HIV, STIs & Transmission & Lesson 4- Testing, Universal precautions, pregnancy prevention
4/8/24 & 4/9/24 - Relationships and human trafficking & body image and sexual orientation.
4/10/24 & 4/11/24 - Pregnancy