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All students are invited to join the Theatre Program for the semester-long elective where they will explore basic acting skills, learn about performance techniques, explore plays and create a theatre of their own. We focus on developing confidence, working together and being creative! 

Advanced Theatre is a year-long production class, which is designed for students with experience in theatre either through participation in Theatre I (during 7th Grade) or through experience in productions outside of the school environment. All incoming students are invited to audition, as well as current 7th Graders moving into 8th, who are looking to develop their performance experience ready for high school. This year, Advances theatre is split into a 7th and 8th Grade class. 

This course explores what it means to be part of a theatre company through workshops, masterclasses and developing performances for an audience. Students are treated as a company of actors and work together to improve their acting skills as well as experiencing the process of rehearsing and developing plays for performance. We also have a huge amount of fun! Last year's classes took part in the DTASC Festivals, winning several awards (Shakespeare included) as well performing some wonderful productions to an audience. 

I can’t wait to see you all in the spotlight!