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Welcome to Rio Norte's Online Store. If you are visiting the store for the first time, you will need to register for a new account. If you have previously visited the site and set up an account, just click the link below. Whether you choose to set up a Family or Student Account, please follow the format carefully. For those setting up their account for the first time, it will ask you to check your email and activate your account before preceding to the next step. Please make sure you follow these instructions in order to complete the process. 
Please read the information below to help you with the process:
Due to the number of individuals using this site, please be patient as it might take a bit longer to process your transaction. Also, if you do not receive your digital receipt and/or email activation, please check your trash or spam before trying to duplicate your account/transaction. 
We are very excited about the ease of using the store and hope that you will feel the same way once you get use to processing your transactions for the various items for purchase on campus. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email Kathy Fortenberry at [email protected]

Step #1 – Access On-line Store
This program is most compatible with Firefox or Chrome Browser. Not compatible with iPhone or some MAC products. 

We are using our Online Web Store which will require you to create an account or use your existing one. (Don’t forget to record your username and password for future use!).

Step #2 – Create Account

Click “My account” then “Register for an account”. Enter requested information and click “Register”. If you are creating a "Family" account, please enter your Student's ID Number into the box as their name will populate the field. *For incoming 7th graders or new students to the district. Your student ID number is found on Infinite Campus Right under the student name. 

 STEP #3 – Confirm Account

You will receive an email from the Online Store. Click the link within the e-mail to confirm your account and return to the Online Store. If you did not receive an email for verification of your account, please check your spam or trash.

Step #4 – Log In

Log in to the Web Store with the username and password you created. Next click on "HOME" to see all the featured items you wish to purchase. Click the desired items and don't forget the donate item, every bit helps the school. View your cart to verify you are purchasing the correct items. If correct, click Checkout, then purchase and fill in your credit card information and Click Submit. Please be patient, as it may take a little longer than normal to process when there might be increase in individuals purchasing items on the Web Store, especially at the beginning of the fall semester. 


Linking Student Accounts

A student can be linked to any account through the following steps. While logged into the Online Store click “My Account”, then select the “My Family” tab on the left-hand side. Enter the Student’s ID Number and their name will appear. You can repeat this process to add additional students to your account.

ID NUMBERS for New Students

Student ID numbers can be found on your summer check-in envelope. If you are continuing enrollment from another Wm. S. Hart Union HS District School, your ID Number is the same. If you are coming from outside the district and do not have your Student ID Number, please contact Crystal Cooper, our Registrar, at [email protected] and give the following in the email: Student’s first and last name, contact email, home address, phone number and date of birth. All other students have their ID Numbers.


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