Incoming 7th Grade Information

Information for Incoming 7th Grade students and families for the 2024-25 School Year:

ELECTIVE INFORMATION FOR 2024-25: Rio Norte Elective's Page

Incoming 7th grade students will be placed in an exploratory elective.  We are hoping to expose the students to a variety of electives, so they can explore different topics and interests. There is not an elective selection form for general electives. Students are placed by the computer unless they are selected for a Special Elective or Performing Group. Please adhere to all application and audition guidelines on the Electives Page (linked above).

If your student is interested in a year long specialty elective they will be able to apply for an audition or interview.  These electives include: Yearbook, ASB, Rio TV, Concert Choir, Advanced Band, and Drama Production.

Math Placement Information:

Students will be placed in Math 7 or Accelerated Math 7. Students will take a math placement exam with their 6th grade teacher before the end of the year.  The results will be used to determine their 7th grade math class. 

For students that do not attend our feeder schools or were absent on the date, there will be make-up tests given at the District Office.  When those dates are available they will be posted.  There will also be a make-up test given in August for any students that move into the area and missed the dates at the District Office. There will be a link provided to sign up for the make-up test or you can email Crystal Cooper - [email protected].

Health Information
Registration and Vaccination Requirements
As of January 1, 2016, parents or guardians of students in any school or child care facility, whether public or private, will no longer be allowed to submit a personal or religious belief exemption for a currently-required vaccine.  In order to register for 7th grade, students will need to present verification that they have met all vaccination requirements.  Previously signed waivers are not carried over from 6th grade to 7th grade.

What is required for public school entry

For incoming seventh graders, immunizations were required January 31st  to the Registrar.  Those immunizations that have not been submitted must be completed and submitted to the Health Office before the beginning of summer.  The Health office is closed for the summer and students without completed registration will not be enrolled and not receive Summer check-in packets.

Fax:  661 257-1413     Email:  [email protected]

Summer Check-in Dates for 2024-25:

  • 8th Grade = Monday, August 5th
  • 7th Grade = Tuessday, August 6th

At summer check-in students get their ID card, textbooks, binder reminder (a planning & organizational calendar), and can purchase a variety of things such as an ASB card, Yearbook, PE Clothes, etc. More information about this process is sent in July. 

School for the 2024-25 school year starts on Monday, August 12th!