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Elective Course Descriptions

BEGINNING ART & ANIMATION ­ Beginning Art is a semester long creative opportunity that offers students amazing art projects which include life drawing, animation drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, composition, collage, design, technical skills, elements and principles of design and more.  Students get exposed to the important artists, galleries, and museums through Internet based teaching.
BEGINNING BAND ­ The beginning band is the first step into a larger musical world. In this class, you learn how to read music and play an instrument of the wind band. These include, flute, oboe, clarinet saxophone, trumpet, trombone and baritone.
BEGINNING CHORUS – This is a one­ semester vocal ensemble experience. Members of the chorus develop skills in vocal performance. Students are introduced to musical notation and basic vocal techniques. The chorus performs various styles of choral literature for school concerts. Requirements include exemplary citizenship and a positive attitude. Prior singing experience is recommended but not required.
BEGINNING GUITAR ­ The beginning guitar class is designed for anyone who would like to learn to play the guitar. No previous musical experience is required just a willingness to learn. In this class you learn to read music, play melodic lines, play chords, and finger­pick. An acoustic guitar is needed for this class.
BEGINNING PHOTO ­ Students have a fantastic opportunity to take digital photography here at Rio Norte Junior High. It is an introductory semester class. Students will learn about an automatic digital operated camera and how to use it to take great pictures. They will work with digital photos and explore Photoshop including photo retouch and more creative digital solutions.
BEGINNING VIDEO PRODUCTION ­ Beginning Video Production is a media technology class. Students will learn skills in broadcast journalism, video production, and film education. Beginning Video Production is designed for students who have or might have an interest in creating video projects and short films. Students will learn a variety of technical career skills that will help them to advance into Rio TV, high school video production, and/or in the job market after high school. Students will also be exposed to camera equipment, video editing software, computers, stage lighting, audio equipment, writing scripts/story boarding, and directing others, etc. Students will learn to use their communication skills in writing and on camera for an audience.

DIGITAL ART (Priority given to 8th grade students and advanced art students, one semester)Student’s will create and explore their artistic potential through Photoshop. Included in this class students learn about the tools and workspace, draw and paint digitally, and work with digital photos. This course is a hybrid of Fine Art and Photography. Finished artwork will be printed out. Students will explore careers connected with Digital Art. Students learn and identify the elements and principles of design in their artwork. Both art appreciation and the state standards will be covered in this course. Students will leave with a Digital Art portfolio of work.

EXPLORING CULINARY 1­ Previously known as Beginning Foods provides a fun learning environment while teaching practical skills students will use for a lifetime! Before beginning to cook in class, students are introduced to important kitchen skills by learning about safety, equipment, equivalents, and measuring. Other topics covered throughout the semester include reading food labels, “MyPlate” and nutrition, the essential nutrients, table setting, and the food and culture of other nations. Students practice new food preparation techniques during a series of approximately twenty cooking labs throughout the semester and by completing five Home Cooking Assignments.
PEER TUTORING - The Peer Tutoring Elective is an opportunity for students to be role models and mentors for our students with varying degrees of special needs. In the classroom they work with students individually and in small groups modeling appropriate social behaviors. The program benefits all students with friendships that last a lifetime.
TECHNOLOGY ­ DESIGN, MODELING & ROBOTICS­ Introduces students to computer design process using a modeling three dimensional software program. Students will create designs of common objects, floor plans, forced air dragsters and magnetic levitation vehicles. Students will use various tools to create and test working models of their designs. This course also combines the skills of research and technology development of automation and robotics.

TECHNOLOGY ­ COMPUTER CODING­ Is a Computer programming class designed to provide students with a basic understanding of computer science and coding. Using and other programs students will become programmers as they create fun and exciting group and individual projects, videos, presentations, and games.
THEATER I -  is typically where new drama students start. Drama classes center on developing your creative abilities and talents as well as giving you an inside perspective on theater. A variety of methods are used to help you gain confidence in front of an audience including improvisation, monologues, and scenes with other actors. Everyone is welcome in Beginning Drama.

The following courses require teacher approval.

They will require an application and/or an audition.

ADVANCED ART ­ The main objective for this course is to give students that have shown and/or demonstrated that they can succeed at creating more in depth art. Students must have the ability to work more independently. A portfolio of work must be shown prior to admittance. Emphasized is a balance of enjoyment and appreciation of the artistic process, principles of design, drawing painting, sculpture, and exhibiting art.

ADVANCED BAND ­ The advanced band is the major ensemble at Rio Norte. This group represents the school at all major school functions including the open house, back to school night, 6th Grade Jamboree, Valencia Showcase and the Turkey Bowl game. The ensemble also joins the Valencia High band to play for a football game. This ensemble also travels to Disneyland for a major music festival with an overnight stay at the Disney hotels. The year culminates with the band playing at the promotion ceremony for the 8th grade. The Advanced band has two performances. One in the Fall and the other in the Spring.

ADVANCED CHORUS ­ or Concert Choir is a one ­year commitment to a vocal ensemble performance. Members of the concert choir develop skills in vocal performance. Students are introduced to musical notation and basic vocal techniques. The concert choir performs various styles of choral literature for school concerts, community programs and local choral festivals. Requirements include exemplary citizenship and a positive attitude. An audition is required for this ensemble.

ASB – Associated Student Body – Rio Norte ASB takes great pride in gathering together a group of hard­working seventh and eighth graders committed to making their school a better place by serving others. ASB works during summer, before school, during breaks, after school, in the evenings, and on weekends organizing activities for both the school and the community. Students in ASB work a minimum of twenty hours outside of class time per quarter in service to the school and community.
RIO TV - Rio TV is a media technology class at Rio Norte Junior High School. Students will learn broadcast journalism, video production, and film education. Rio TV is designed for students that are beginning to the more advanced skill level type of student. Students will earn a grade based on class participation, working in a team environment, creating news broadcasts, filming on location for after school functions, creating morning announcements, commercials, short films, and other journalism type of media such as news for the Internet. Students will also be exposed to camera equipment, video editing software, computers, stage lighting, audio equipment, writing scripts/story boarding, and directing others, etc.

THEATER II -  8TH GRADE CLASS ONLY. This class focuses on our fall comedy and spring musical productions. In order to be part of the Drama Production class you must have some theater experience such as: Rio Norte Beginning Drama, participation in a Rio Norte production, or participation in a show at another theater. This class is designed for eighth graders.  You need to audition to get into this class. Check back for application information.

­ YEARBOOK Students enrolled in Yearbook are responsible for preserving memories that will last a lifetime. Students will learn and practice photography, writing, layout, design, and production skills as they produce the yearbook. Students will spend much of their class time learning new skills and collaborating with other yearbook team members, and are expected to spend a great deal of time outside the classroom (before school, brunch, lunch, after school, and on weekends) taking photos at school events and then working on assigned pages.