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Other Electives

EXPLORING CULINARY 1- Previously known as Beginning Foods, this class provides a fun learning environment while teaching practical skills students will use for a lifetime! Before beginning to cook in class, students are introduced to important kitchen skills by learning about safety, equipment, equivalents, and measuring. Other topics covered throughout the semester include reading food labels, “My Plate” and nutrition, the essential nutrients, table setting, and the food and culture of other nations. They practice new food preparation techniques during a series of approximately twenty cooking labs throughout the semester and by completing five Home Cooking Assignments.


*EXPLORING CULINARY II - Need to have completed Exploring Culinary 1 prior to enrolling in this class.


PEER TUTOR – The Peer Tutoring Elective is an opportunity for students to be role models and mentors for our students with varying degrees of special needs. In the classroom, they work with students individually and in small groups modeling appropriate social behaviors. The program benefits all students with friendships that last a lifetime.


7th GRADE SEMINAR This class is intended to help students acclimate to junior high. The curriculum is aligned with 9th-grade seminar a class that is required of all 9th-grade students at Valencia High school and is part of the district’s plan to help students become future ready. The course will focus on college and career readiness as well as self-exploration. Students will spend time exploring Naviance, the district’s online college and career readiness tool as well as other resources needed for success. Time will be spent learning about all of the academic options to help students best prepare for their future and develop a six-year plan. This course is required for all 7th Graders not taking a specialty year-long elective.


*STUDENT SERVICE - 8TH Grade elective only. Requires teacher and parent permission. Pass/Fail only.


TEEN LEADERSHIP is a brand-new semester class at Rio Norte that will focus on topics like personal leadership, written communication skills, public speaking, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, self-confidence, personal responsibility, branding, digital citizenship, how to communicate with adults, and much more! Coursework will also be based on the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program Lead Worthy. For more information, you can visit


*ASB – Associated Student Body – Rio Norte ASB takes great pride in gathering together a group of hard-working seventh and eighth graders committed to making their school a better place by serving others. ASB works during summer, before school, during breaks, after school, in the evenings, and on weekends organizing activities for both the school and the community. Students in ASB work a minimum of twenty hours outside of class time per quarter in service to the school and community. The application is due by April 9th.


*YEARBOOK - Students enrolled in Yearbook are responsible for preserving memories that will last a lifetime.  Students will learn and practice photography, writing, layout, design, and production skills as they produce the yearbook.  Students will spend much of their class time learning new skills and collaborating with other yearbook team members and are expected to spend a great deal of time outside the classroom (before school, brunch, lunch, after school, and on weekends) taking photos at school events and then working on assigned pages.

Incoming 7th Graders Application  Application is due by April 9th.

7th Graders becoming 8th Graders Application  Application is due by April 9th.


*SPANISH A/B - 8TH Grade elective only. Complete this online interest form.