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INTRO TO COMPUTER SCIENCE (CODING) Is a computer programming class designed to provide students with a basic understanding of computer science and coding. Using Scratch and various other programs students will create fun and exciting projects, video presentations, and games. This class is designed for beginners but will also challenge students coming in with block programming experience.

TECHNOLOGY: DESIGN & MODELING Introduces students to computer design using a modeling three-dimensional software program. Students will create a portfolio of interesting design projects. Students will have the opportunity to 3D print some of their designs using a MakerBot 3D printer.

BEGINNING VIDEO PRODUCTION - Beginning Video Production is a media technology class. Students will learn skills in broadcast journalism, video production, and film education. Beginning Video Production is designed for students who have or might have an interest in creating video projects and short films. Students will learn a variety of technical career skills that will help them to advance into Rio TV, high school video production, and/or in the job market after high school. Students will also be exposed to camera equipment, video editing software, computers, stage lighting, audio equipment, writing scripts/story boarding, and directing others, etc. Students will learn to use their communication skills in writing and on camera for an audience.


RIO TV - Rio Norte Advanced Video Production brings our daily morning show--RioTV--to over 1,400 students and staff on YouTube each day. Producing a daily broadcast is a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. If you visit, you'll see all the fun things that happen in front of the camera, but there is so much more that happens behind the scenes--script writing, filming, graphics, editing, organization, communication, leadership, and teamwork. Students will work during class time, and sometimes at brunch, lunch, and after school creating our show as we pursue our four-point goal to INFORM, ENGAGE, INCLUDE, and INSPIRE. RioTV is looking for students who are mature, hard-working, and who can work well together as a team.